Determination of oil in fish meal

FatExtractor E-500 ECE: determination of oil content in a fish meal sample by continuous extraction according to AOCS Ba 3-38
Determination of oil in fish meal
A simple and reliable procedure for the oil determination in a fish meal sample is introduced. This Application Note follows the official method AOCS Ba 3-38 by the American Oil Chemists’ Society. The standard method AOCS Ba 3-38 requires an extraction with a Butt-type extraction apparatus with an extraction time of 3h. The Butt-type extraction is equal to the Twisselmann extraction method used in the FatExtractor E-500 ECE. Both, the Butt-type extractor as well as the Economic Continuous Extraction (ECE) are continuous extractions where the sample is constantly kept in hot solvent vapor whilst efficiently rinsed with freshly distilled solvent. The oil content is determined gravimetrically after the extract has been dried to a constant weight. This Application Note shows by means of a certified reference material sample that reliable and reproducible results are received using the FatExtractor E-500 ECE. In a second step this Application Note shows that an extraction time of 1 h is sufficient to receive reliable and reproducible results for the oil determination in a fish meal sample using the FatExtractor E‑500 ECE.


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