Pharma and Chemical

Any chemical compounds or pharmaceutical ingredients, such as standard drugs, fine & specialty chemicals, or cosmetics & fragrances, undergo complex and time-consuming R&D processes and strict application testing before being produced at large scale and released to the market.



Let's dive into the most relevant process steps of pharma and chemical research.

  • Discovery
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Production


There are several common steps during the discovery of novel therapeutics or chemical compounds. Ingredients or chemicals of interest are either extracted from natural sources or synthesized in the laboratory. Any targets of interest are processed further to achieve a single compound of high purity, which is thoroughly tested for desirable characteristics and functions.



Once an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) or chemical of interest has been identified, the development of the production process can begin. Here, the process is optimized on a larger scale to ensure a trouble-free production process. Drug formulation is the process of designing and producing drugs to be given to patients. Before being incorporated into a final formulation, ingredients need to be preformulated in either a liquid or solid form to facilitate storage.



Chemical or pharmaceutical products must undergo strict application testing before they enter the production process. The final product is typically tested for chemical stability and physical integrity under specific storage, transport, and use conditions. Clinical trials can take several years to complete and involve the evaluation of the drug mixture with animal, in vitro, and in vivo studies. If the drug is proven safe and efficient, the therapeutic can move on to the clinical research phase.



Inspection of incoming goods and final quality control ensures the desired quality of any chemical or pharmaceutical products. Additionally, quality control during the production of chemicals and drugs helps to analyze the identity, purity, and content of bulk material, intermediates, impurities, and degradation products. Close monitoring of the process enables safe operation and ensures the product meets the required specifications.