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Ensuring the accurate and efficient performance of all BUCHI equipment for a product life cycle beyond your expectations, from initial installation through certification and training to maintenance and repair. Get the assistance and application support you require from BUCHI customer service based on decades of experience with laboratory products. Find out what BUCHI customer service can do for you.

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The highest efficiency from the beginning

BUCHI has your success in mind during the design and development of the product. You can contribute to this and protect your investment by choosing a START solution. You will get extra benefits, only available when purchasing the service together with the device. Remember, a long lasting product life time starts with the first day in your laboratory.

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Qualification & Calibration

Certified accuracy available as a «peace of mind» package

EXACT is the professional and comprehensive qualifications of your BUCHI product. We perform qualification services on a level that can only be achieved by the manufacturer that has not only the product’s specification in mind, but also knows its capacity beyond that. Our deeper understanding of the applications and the functionality of our products becomes clear when comparing our procedures and protocols with non-OEM competitors.

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Maintenance & Repair

Unbeatable Reliability

At BUCHI we understand that there is not one solution that fits all our customer’s needs. As a truly globally active company our inside knowledge about the different regions, applications and markets are part of the benefits you receive when choosing BUCHI. We recognize that heavily used devices require a different maintenance program than units that are operated occasionally. Our approach takes factors like these into consideration and provides you with an optimal yet cost efficient solution. The maintenance services and packages within the CARE solutions are tailored and contain customized lists of replacement parts combined with the correct number of visits. All depending on the condition of your device, its usage and the application used.

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Increase your know-how, get the edge over your competition

Knowing your instruments, understanding your applications, and our extensive collection of «around-the-world» experiences can become your benefit and therefore a part of your successful future. Our ACADEMY solutions are available to you and can be custom fit to your situation. We will help you to train, educate and certify your staff, and more. BUCHI is a solution provider, even if the application you have in mind still requires research or scientific researches, we will share our know-how and expertise. 

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Software & Apps

Discover what BUCHI’s apps can do for you

Explore BUCHI’s apps for Android, Windows, and iOS. Increased digitization and automation are at the heart of our ongoing development.  Monitor processes remotely, optimize your workflow, and make the most of BUCHI’s cloud services with our ever-increasing range of software and apps.

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