BUCHI has high standards regarding sustainability. We want to build long-term business relationships and deal fairly with all market players. We feel it is important that we take responsibility for our actions as a company. Therefore, open and honest communication and adherence to our values are an essential part of our daily business.

Social responsibility

Our employees are essential to BUCHI. They make up our company, our culture, and our spirit, living and embracing our company values in their daily work and their dealings with each other. They also represent BUCHI as a brand. Diversity, equality, and the fair treatment of our employees and everyone we interact with are at the core of BUCHI's values.

We strive to help our employees grow and develop regardless of their origin or gender. Our Code of Conduct provides an insight into how we handle these issues. You can find more information about BUCHI as an employer on our career page.

It is important to us that words are followed by deeds. We are actively involved in helping and supporting disadvantaged people by providing them with opportunities.

BUCHI supports social projects worldwide through the BUCHI Foundation.


Environmental responsibility

Long-lasting, sustainable products

“Quality in your hands” – BUCHI saves resources by creating high-quality, robust instruments. Part of our business model includes providing the excellent service for which BUCHI has been renowned since its inception. We ensure that our state-of-the-art instruments' life span exceeds expectations, and we offer support to our customers so they can achieve outstanding results even with older devices. Many of our instruments are still in use after 10, 20, or even more years of service!

In addition, our products use high-quality metals and glass, which can easily be recycled.


Protecting the environment

A clean environment is an essential prerequisite for health and quality of life. BUCHI provides market-leading solutions for environmental analysis that are used by industrial companies, environmental labs, consulting firms, and government agencies.


Sustainable Company Operations

We also maintain high standards ourselves. Our buildings in Switzerland are Minergie-certified and exceed the high Swiss energy standards. In addition, our employees actively support us in our efforts in many ways, such as by separating waste, making active use of our bicycle room, and avoiding unnecessary paper printouts.