2021 Apr. 28

Plant-based meat & dairy analytics: protein and fat determination

Plant-based food alternatives are based on proteins derived from plants instead of animal origin. The increasingly popular products are regularly assessed not only for their taste and texture, but also for their nutritional value. In this free webinar you will learn the basic principles of plant-based food analytics.
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Content of training

Discover how to compliantly determine protein and fat in plant-based meat & dairy alternatives. Together with our experts in the food analytics field, learn about fully compliant processes that you can use to obtain reliable results.

Learning targets
  • Complete workflow of the Kjeldahl method for protein determination
  • From sample to result: extraction techniques for fat determination
  • Differences between free and total fat determination in plant-based foods
  • Tips and tricks for optimizing your food analytics processes
2021 Apr. 28
60 min
Virtual classroom
For free
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