Kjel­Digester K-446 / K-449

More samples per day

The KjelDigester K-446 / K-449 reduces the block digestion process by up to 2 hours and meets the highest safety requirements. The high degree of automation is the perfect match to the KjelMaster System allowing more samples per day to be processed.

  • Max. Temperature:450°C
  • Sample Positions:20
  • Sample Parameters:Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen
KjelDigester K-446 / K-449


Save up to two hours by accelerating the heating and cooling step of your digestion. Directly transfer the 20 position rack to the KjelSampler for an efficient workflow. Make optimal use of your time thanks to the automatic lift and delayed start time that make an unattended operation of the KjelDigester K-449 possible. With the KjelDigester K-449 you can also readily program time and temperature profiles and benefit from full control of the Scrubber K-415.


Safe and convenient

Effectivley transfer harmful fumes thanks to the improved sealing of the KjelDigester K-446 / K-449. Eliminate contact with hot samples with the automatic lift of KjelDigester K-449. A magnetic suction module fixation allows you to process more samples per day more conveniently. The protective drip tray of the instrument extends the lifetime of the block and accessories to save money and protect the environment from unnecessary waste.

Safe and convenient


The KjelDigester K-446 / K-449 is fully compliant to official regulations like AOAC, ISO and EN. Accurately control your temperature with a programmed profile and perform reproducible digestions thanks to an improved thermal homogeneity.



  • Unprecedented sample throughput of up to 120 samples per working day thanks to the fast heating and accelerated digestion.  

    Highest sample throughput
  • Directly transfer the complete rack containing all sample tubes to the KjelSampler K-376 or K-377. 

    Convenient and safe workflow
  • Individual sealing of each sample tube allows effective transfer of acid fumes to the Scrubber K-415 and gives maximum protection to the operator and the environment. 

    Tight sealing system
  • Safe and convenient operation with the automatic sample lift. Fully unattended digestion process through the programming of methods.  

    Less operator intervention
  • Reach even the lowest nitrogen levels with genuine BUCHI Sample Tubes. They have a wide diameter, constricted condensation zone, thick glass walls and can contain bigger volumes. 

    Perfect fit and better results
  • The suction module with two handles and magnetic connections guarantees a strong and secure hold. Store the drip tray in the holder during a digestion run. 

    Ergonomic handling
The KjelDigester helps us to get results faster and it is the ideal companion to our automated Kjeldahl system. The reliability of these instruments is essential for our service laboratory, thus we really appreciate the great support from the BUCHI service team.Mrs. Barbara Vogel, Nutrient Analysis, Laboratory Manager - UFAG Laboratorien AG, Switzerland


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