Crude and total fat determination in a feed sample by Soxhlet

HydrolEx H-506, FatExtractor E-500 SOX: determination of crude and total fat in a feed sample according to the European Directive EC No. 152/2009
Crude and total fat determination in a feed sample by Soxhlet

This Application Note follows the official method EC No. 152/2009 from the Official Journal of the European Communities. The directive includes both direct extraction (crude fat) and extraction after acid hydrolysis (total fat). Which of the two procedures is used depends on the nature and composition of the sample. Both procedures are described in this Application Note. The directive EC No. 152/2009 requires an extraction time of 6 h. This Application Note shows by means of a certified reference material sample that an extraction time of 2 h is sufficient to receive reliable and reproducible results for crude fat as well as total fat using the FatExtractor E‑500 SOX.

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