Protein determination in plant-based meat alternatives

KjelDigester K-449, KjelMaster K-375 with KjelSampler K-377: Nitrogen and protein determination in plant-based meat alternatives according to the Kjeldahl method
Protein determination in plant-based meat alternatives
Plant-based meat alternatives are gaining popularity as a result of growing health and climate concerns. Being based on proteins derived from plants instead of traditional protein sources of animal origin, these products are being critically evaluated not only for their taste and texture but also for their nutritional value. An easy and reliable Kjeldahl method for the determination of total nitrogen and protein in plant-based meat alternatives, is presented below. In this method, samples are digested using the KjelDigester K-449. Distillation and boric acid titration are performed with the KjelMaster K-375 and KjelSampler K-377. A combination of the KjelDigester K-449 and KjelMaster system K-375/K-377 offers high sample throughput.