NIR-Online X-Sential™

All that is essential for process control.

Closely monitoring basic parameters such as moisture, fat or protein is crucial to correct deviations in manufacturing processes. The X-Sential™ has been developed and designed as the most cost-efficient, fit-for-purpose process sensor.

  • Diode array technology:High speed spectrometer
  • IP class:Dust
  • NIR:Wavelength range (900-1,700 nm)
NIR-Online X-Sential™

Ease of use

With its unique AutoCal functionality there is no need of expert knowledge to operate the X-Sential™. The process sensor can be easily implemented into your existing quality control routines. A wide range of process adapters allows easy integration into production lines. NIR-Online offers the user optional device independent HMI solutions.

Ease of use


The functional design of the NIR-Online X-Sential™ is fit-for-purpose and therefore very cost effective. The average payback time is less than one year. There is no need for commercial calibration databases or extensive in-house calibration development. It is possible to determine basic quality parameters of raw materials and finished products in large quantities. This minimizes out-of-spec production and rework and allows to correct your processes in real-time.


Extensive process expertise

The NIR-Online X-Sential™ has a dust and water jet-protected sensor enclosure (IP69/X9K). A wide range of ambient and product temperatures is possible using temperature-stabilized spectrometers. The sensor is a turnkey solution for fast, fluctuating or discontinuous product flows. The integration into process control systems is straightforward.

Extensive process expertise


  • Most convenient software tool available on the market for automated calibration development and maintenance. Valuable calibration data remains with you at all times - no need to outsource to external agencies. Simply enter the new reference value into the software and confirm via a simple click. No export/import functions, no manual calibration routines or extensive background in chemometrics are required. Eliminate the need to develop extensive in-house calibrations or purchase calibration data bases.

  • Reliable measurements for product temperature up to 70°C

    Water chiller for product temperatures up to 130°C 

    Air nozzle that enables analyzer operation in environments with temperatures of up to 55°C (voids ATEX). 

  • Safe operation of your NIR device in harsh environments, certified with the highest testing criteria (IP69/X9K). Maximum safety through ingress protection and fulfillment of hygienic requirements for all materials in contact with the product.


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  • Food

    Benefit from our experience in industries such as Bakery, Dairy, Flour, Oil seeds, Edible oil, Meat, Sugar, Sweets, Tobacco.

  • Pharma / Chemical

    Optimize production of e.g.: Biopharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Fertilizer, Gypsum and other construction materials, Polymers, Soap.

    Pharma / Chemical
  • Specialities

    We offer tailor-made solutions for your demands e.g.: Biodiesel, Direct installation on harvesters, Measuring in blisters / packaging, Unique sample presentations.

  • Feed

    Maximize gross profit margins in production and blending of animal feeds, such as: Cattle, Fish, Mixed Pet food, Pig, Poultry, Press cakes, Silage.