START Services

Get started

The highest efficiency from the beginning

Experience the best start possible and extend your warranty. Get the highest efficiency from the first day on with installation packages.


We offer three different START services. From a professional installation all the way to a trouble and worry free agreement that will leave you with total cost predictability at the highest possible efficiency. 

Once your STARTer pack expires you can continue to benefit from our services using our maintenance or qualification packages.

Product or System Installation: START «Install»

  • Product set-up and testing
  • Hands-on training from a certified technician
  • Evaluation of the immediate surroundings of your new product
  • Best integration of your new product into the existing infrastructure


  • Product or system installation
  • Installation and Operational Qualification

START «Extend»

  • Visitation and maintenance according to a pre-defined procedure that covers all assemblies and components
  • Receive a report with the test results, measures taken and additional suggestions
  • The product will be identified as BUCHI-maintained with a sticker including date and name of the Technician
  • Your BUCHI warranty will be extended by an additional year