2024 May. 29

Exploring NIR in Cereal Quality Control

In the hustle of today's world, optimizing cereal inspection and processing is paramount. Join BUCHI's expert team as they unveil the power of NIR technology tailored for the cereal grain sector.
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Content of training

Dr. Sonja König, Product Manager of NIR, and Dr. Branko Vranic, Head of the NIR Application Team, prepared a webinar titled “Exploring NIR in Cereal Quality Control” to help you streamline and improve your quality control processes.

Learning targets

The webinar will guide you through the different scopes and applications of NIR for cereal quality control, focusing on the following topics:

  • NIR theoretical overview
  • NIR implementation in the diverse steps of grain and milling processes
  • NIR applications and parameters for grain quality control
  • Lab, at-line, and on-line NIR solutions 
2024 May. 29
45 mins
For free
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