NIR-Online Multipoint System

Maximal efficiency with up to 10 measurement points in parallel

Continuously monitor key parameters such as moisture, protein, fat, ash, starch, fiber, oil at any process step with NIR-Online Multipoint Sensor. Innovative Multipoint heads provide maximal efficiency for up to ten measurement points in parallel possible.

  • Economical solution:Extend one Multipont sensor with up to nine Multipoint heads
  • IP class/ATEX:II 1/2 EX op is ta IIIC T135°C Da / EX op is tb IIIC T135°C Db IP65
  • Planable maintenance:Failsafe dual lamp system with automated spare lamp activation
NIR-Online Multipoint System


Cost-efficiently control your entire process for up to ten measuring points. Reduce your use of costly optical fibers thanks to our patented daisy chain connection of Multipoint heads. Generate reports automatically and obtain instant documentation with the system's auditing function for more convenience and time-saving benefits.


Fast payback

With an average return of investment of one year or less, you can earn back your money astoundingly fast. Benefit from additional cost-savings thanks to immediate process corrections that reduce waste and needless repetitions. Plus, optimize key process parameters to achieve top profit margins. 

Fast payback

Proven process expertise

Thanks to the robust design of the NIR-Online Multipoint Sensor, you can confidently operate the instrument in harsh conditions of vibrations, temperatures, or humidity. The NIR instrument is also ingress protected (IP65) and ATEX certified (Dust-Ex). The intuitive user interface and simple integration to existing process control systems allow you to immediately gain maximal efficiency.  

Proven process expertise


  • Most convenient software tool available on the market for automated calibration development and maintenance. Valuable calibration data remains with you at all times - no need to outsource to external agencies. Simply enter the new reference value into the software and confirm via a simple click. No export/import functions, no manual calibration routines or extensive background in chemometrics are required. Eliminate the need to develop extensive in-house calibrations or purchase calibration data bases.

  • With NIR-Online Multipoint Sensor, reliably measure up to ten measurmeent points

    Confidently work with product temperatures of up to 70°C 

    Add a water chiller for product temperatures of up to 130°C

    Together with an air nozzle, operate the NIR-Online Multipoint Sensor in an environment of up to 55°C (voids ATEX). 

  • Multipoint sensor and heads are certified for utilization in dust-ex atmospheres. Suitable for use in zone 21 and 22, where the sensor and heads are installed.

    Flexible installation 

    Ingress protection

    All materials in contact with the product are food grade quality


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Enhancing production and quality

Our broad spectrum of turn-key solutions span across your entire value chain from incoming goods inspection, production to release control of your finished product. We meet the demands of your business ranging from moisture and protein determination in food and feed to measuring acidity in biodiesel. Competent application support, efficient data management and reporting functions as well as professional technical services complete our offering.
  • Food

    Benefit from our experience in industries such as Bakery, Dairy, Flour, Oil seeds, Edible oil, Meat, Sugar, Sweets, Tobacco.

  • Feed and Forage

    Test raw materials, premixes and finished products for: moisture, fat, protein, ash and fiber, ADF and NDF, amino acids.

    Feed and Forage
  • Feed

    Maximize gross profit margins in production and blending of animal feeds, such as: Cattle, Fish, Mixed Pet food, Pig, Poultry, Press cakes, Silage.