Broad bean protein isolate

Mini Spray Dryer B-290
Broad bean protein isolate

Broad bean protein isolate is a natural protein extracted from the seeds of broad beans, which has gained attention as a potential alternative protein source for food and nutrition applications. Spray drying is a common technique used to convert liquid protein isolates into dry powders, which can have advantages for storage, transportation, and preparation of protein-containing foods.

The areas of focus in spray drying of broad bean protein isolate include optimizing the process parameters, such as inlet temperature, outlet temperature, atomizer type, feed rate, and solvent composition, to achieve the desired powder properties, such as particle size, bulk density, and solubility. Additionally, research has been conducted to evaluate the impact of different processing aids and excipients on the physical and chemical stability of the protein powder, as well as its nutritional quality and functional properties, such as emulsifying or foaming ability.

Other areas of interest include the encapsulation of broad bean protein isolate within nanoparticles or microspheres to improve its bioavailability and digestibility, as well as the incorporation of the protein powder into various food products, such as bakery goods, beverages, or meat alternatives. Spray drying has also been explored as a potential method for producing protein powders with tailored functionality or sensory properties, such as improved taste or aroma.

Please see the application note for starting paramters, formulations and some results.

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