Almond Shells

Mini Spray Dryer B-290
Almond Shells

Almond shells are a byproduct of almond processing and are often considered as agricultural waste. Spray drying has been explored as a technique to convert almond shells into powdered form, offering potential for their utilization in various applications.

The areas of focus in spray drying of almond shells include optimizing the process parameters, such as the inlet and outlet temperatures, atomizer type, and feed rate, to achieve the desired particle size, morphology, and moisture content of the powder. Additionally, research has been conducted to evaluate the impact of different drying conditions and pretreatment methods on the physical and chemical properties of the powder, such as its bulk density, porosity, and composition.

Furthermore, spray-dried almond shell powder has shown potential applications in various industries, such as agriculture, biofuel production, and the food and beverage industry. It can be used as a natural fertilizer, animal feed additive, or as a source of bioactive compounds. Additionally, it can be incorporated into food products to enhance texture, add fiber, or act as a natural colorant.

Overall, spray drying of almond shells offers a promising approach to valorize this agricultural waste and create value-added products, contributing to waste reduction, sustainability, and resource optimization in the almond industry.

Please see the application note for starting paramters, formulations and some results.

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