Determination of nitrogen and protein in meat products

Nitrogen and Protein Determination in Meat Products according to the Kjeldahl Method.
Determination of nitrogen and protein in meat products
A reliable method for the determination of nitrogen and protein in meat products, i.e. Salami, smoked ham and boiled beef sausage according to AOAC 981.10, is introduced below [1]. The samples are digested using the KjelDigester K-449. The distillation and boric acid titration are performed using the KjelMaster system K-375 / K-376. Equivalent to the international standard [1], the measuring method of the boric acid titration is colorimetric. Therefore, a mixed indicator accoding to Sher is added to the boric acid solution and the KjelMaster K-375 is equipped with the colorimetric sensor. The combination of the KjelDigester, the KjelMaster system K-375 / K-376 and the novel “online” titration mode increases the sample throughput to up to 120 samples per workday (9 h).