Sepacore® Easy Purification Systems

Your first step into controlled separation

When you purify with an open glass column, you might suffer from low resolution and long run times. As your first step into controlled separation, we offer small Sepacore® Easy Purification Systems for control over the flow rate and the eluent composition.

  • Detection:UV (optional)
  • Pump: Flash mode
  • System design:Modular and manual control
Sepacore® Easy Purification Systems

Improved resolution

Achieve optimal separation efficiency by using gradient elution. As your first step into controlled separation, Sepacore® Easy Purification Systems offer precise monitoring of eluent composition and higher purity of the collected fractions. 

Improved resolution

Time and cost-efficient

Control your flow rate and solvent composition to reduce the elution time. Smaller fraction volumes make faster evaporations possible. Save resources thanks to lower solvent consumption. Benefit from a cost-effective initial investment with upgrade possibilities to suit your applications.

Time and cost-efficient

Easy and safe

Easily operate the system with intuitive control of the pumping parameters. More automation reduces your solvent exposure and adds more safety to your purification.

Easy and safe

Compare the Sepacore® Easy Purification Systems

  • Sepacore® Easy Extract Flash

    • Sepacore® Easy Synthesis Flash

      • Sepacore® Basic Flash

        • Mode:Flash
        • Flow rate :250 ml/min
        • Pressure range:0 – 10 bar
        • Gradient function :none


      From synthesis or extraction to pure compound isolation

      For more than 40 years, BUCHI preparative chromatography equipment has been widely used for the purification of high value products. Compounds such as “Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients” (APIs) or specialty chemicals are generated by organic synthesis or extraction. The end result must always be further concentrated and purified. BUCHI purification solutions allow to purify compounds from a few milligrams up to several hundred grams. Together with a broad range of high performance consumables, we provide you the optimized solution suited to your purification workflow.
      • Academia

        Preparative chromatography education. Purification after synthesis or extraction.

      • Chemicals

        Purification after synthesis. Preparative isolation of a compound from a formulation.

      • Pharmaceutical

        Purification of APIs after organic synthesis. Screening of natural compounds: isolation of various components after extraction. Biotechnology: purification after fermentation process.

      • Food

        Nutraceuticals: isolation of dietary supplements from natural compounds.