2024 Apr. 11

Rotavapor® R-80 System: Evaporation on the smallest footprint

April 2024, Flawil, Switzerland - BÜCHI Labortechnik AG, a leading provider of laboratory equipment, has added the Rotavapor® R-80 System to its portfolio. This entry-level instrument offers BUCHI quality at an affordable price and ensures the efficient use of laboratory space. It also leads the way for more environmentally conscious evaporation solutions.
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As the first company to commercialize the rotary evaporator, BUCHI has remained the market leader for many decades. Having introduced numerous innovations over the years, the R-80 is the latest in a long line of revolutionary instruments. The R-80 maintains many of the advanced features that have become synonymous with the BUCHI brand but in a format that takes up less space, uses less energy, and puts less strain on budgets.

The compact R-80 saves valuable laboratory space and opens the world of rotary evaporation to individuals and institutions that may not have the resources for larger models or those requiring a more compact and cost-effective solution without compromising quality and efficiency.

The Rotavapor® R-80 can easily be expanded with the addition of a vacuum pump V-80/V-180, vacuum interface I-80/I-180, and high-quality glassware for different needs. Available in three standard configurations:

  • R-80 Standalone
  • R-80 + Vacuum Solution V-80 with Interface I-80 for manual vacuum control
  • R-80 + Vacuum solution V-180 with Interface I-180 for automatic vacuum control

The speed-controlled vacuum solutions offer near-silent vacuum generation and reduced bumping. The interfaces I-80/I-180 provide an easy means of vacuum monitoring and control and can be attached directly to the Rotavapor®, the pump, or a lab stand.

To address environmental concerns, an optional valve unit can control the water flow and save resources by stopping after distillation or by a timer.

Every part of the system has been intelligently designed for user convenience and effortless operation. The central user interface can be rotated by 90° for easy access and has one central navigation control button. The smooth manual lift ensures effortless operation, while the cableless bath allows hassle-free emptying and refilling.

With a versatile heating bath with a maximum working temperature of 95 °C and the ability to accommodate flask sizes of up to 1L, the R-80 is the ideal companion for chemical research.

The Rotavapor® R-80 complements BUCHI’s comprehensive range of evaporation solutions. BÜCHI Labortechnik AG remains dedicated to offering solutions catering to all budgets and workflows of academic, pharmaceutical, chemical, and biotechnological industries.