Glas­Pure Columns

Scale-up purification for flash appplications

Fill GlasPure, our empty glass columns, to gain maximal flexibility in scale and separation requirements. The glass columns are designed for sample amounts over 300 g and pressure of up to 50 bar (725 psi).

  • Capacity:9 to 3700 g Silica
  • Column sizes:15 – 100 mm ID; 100 – 920 mm lengths
  • Filling methods:liquid or dry
GlasPure Columns

High flexibility

  • Wide range of dimensions for silica capacities from 9 g to 3.7 kg
  • Compatible with dedicated dry and slurry filling sets
  • Broad range of sizes (ID 15 – 100 mm and length 100 – 920 mm)
High flexibility

Specialized solutions

  • Large dimension glass columns for large scale purification (up to 370 g sample)
  • Fast purification on columns working at a pressure up to 50 bar (725 psi)
  • User protection maximized with plastic-coated glass columns

Specialized solutions