NIRMaster™ Essential

FT-NIR top performance

Rapidly, accurately and reproducibly control the quality and nutritional facts of your feed and food samples. The NIRMaster™ offers FT-NIR top performance as the world's only standalone spectrometer available in food-grade PMMA or stainless steel.

  • Expected lifetime:Twin lamp module 2 x 6'000h
  • Spectrometer type:Polarization FT-NIR
  • Working environment:At-line
NIRMaster™ Essential


Obtain reads with maximal reliability thanks to a vibration proof FT polarization interferometer. Frequent internal standard checks permanently verify the performance of your NIRMaster™ to guarantee your data remains consistently reliable. Safely operate your FT-NIR spectrometer with an embedded industry standard PC. Optimize the efficiency of your process by continuously operating your unit with protection from a twin-lamp safeguard.


Best results

Improve the reproducibility of your data thanks to polarization FT-NIR technology and the precision of your results thanks to topwavelength performance by an internal laser system. Save time with the NIRMaster™ by precisely measuring multiple parameters simultaneously.

Best results

Ease of use

Save time with efficient quick-start calibrations for FT-NIR top performance. The NIRMaster™ is compatible with standard industry monitors and keyboards to simplify your data input and management. You can confidently use your FT-NIR spectrometer in tough food production environments thanks to an easy-clean hygienic design and certified dust and splash water protection (IP54).

Ease of use


  • The hygienic easy-clean design and high ingress protection (IP) support your routine work in harsh environments. The NIRMaster™ Essential is available in food-grade PMMA housing or stainless steel housing with IP54 or IP65.

    Easy-clean design increases food safety day by day
  • By using crystals with a very high refractive index, we have successfully adapted the quartz polarization interferometer. This approach makes your compact FT-IR spectrometer resistant to mechanical disturbances to offer you optimal resolution. Specifically, the FT-NIR top performance of NIRMaster in rough environments is due to the difference of spatial movements and the optical path shifts for the two light beams in a birefringent crystal of variable thickness. Mechanical distortions that dirrecly affect interefence are reduced by a factor fo 10 to 20 in a crystal interferometer compared to a Michelson type interferometer. 

    The BUCHI polarization interferometer
  • We have set a new standard regarding continuous use of your NIR spectrometer. Our NIRMaster™ Essential is designed with a twin lamp module. In the event of a disfunction of the primary source, the system automatically swtiches to a second integrated lamp. This back-up lamp lowers the risk of instrument failure and gives you enough time to order a replacement lamp. You can also continue your measurements uninterrupted for a flawless workflow.

    The twin lamp module

Compare the NIRMaster™ Essential

  • NIRMaster™ Essential

    • System protection:No
    • Housing material:No
    • Embedded PC: -
“We can get the fast and accurate results because of the unit. The operational procedure is very easy and there is no waster.”Orion Food Co. Ltd., Korea - Miao Yueyuan, Operator of the NIRMaster
“The BUCHI NIRMaster helps to produce high quality pasta, controlling raw material in real time, saving money, time and the environment.”Anonymous - Pasta Producer Italy
“The BUCHI NIRMaster has proved to be a great success, enabling us to have confidence and control over our routine QA testing. Over our whole business it has cut costs, whilst improving service levels.”Lloyd’s Animal Feeds, Oswestry, Shropshire, UK - Dr Mark Malpass, Commercial Manager


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Enhancing productivity and quality

We offer a broad spectrum of tailored NIRSolutions™ meeting the needs of your business from the analysis of common nutritional parameters in food production to quality control of pharmaceutical dosage forms.
  • Food and Beverage

    Control dairy, meat, milling and other food products for moisture, macronutrients, ash and fiber, rheological properties.

    Food and Beverage
  • Environmental Analysis

    Customize accurate calibrations to measure: Moisture, organic carboon and total nitrogen content of soils, fertilizers formulation, biogas potential of biodegadable feedstock and urban waste.

    Environmental Analysis
  • Feed and Forage

    Test raw materials, premixes and finished products for: moisture, fat, protein, ash and fiber, ADF and NDF, amino acids.

    Feed and Forage