Protection of bioactive oils using encapsulation

Mini Spray Dryer B-290, Encapsulator B-390, Encapsulator B-395 Pro, Multivapor: Protection of bioactive oils using encapsulation
Protection of bioactive oils using encapsulation
Encapsulation of bioactive oils in a convenient, suitable system is of potential interest. It represents a feasible and efficient approach to modulate oil release, increase physical stability, protect from oxidation reaction, enhance bioactivity, reduce toxicity, mask unpleasant taste and therefore improve patient compliance and convenience.In this study, two oils representing high linoleic (hemp) and high linolenic (flax) acid contents were respectively chosen for this study as they represent premium oil grown locally, together with a novel high linoleic acid containing oil extracted from chia seeds. The objective of this work was to extract the oil from the seeds using a classical Soxhlet extraction method and to then encapsulate them to be protected from oxidation. A dry powder was produced by Spray Drying using the Mini Spray Dryer B-290 and wet particles by coextrusion technology using an Encapsulator B-395 Pro

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