Pure Essential Flash Chromatography System

First steps to fast separations

The Pure Essential Flash Chromatography System focuses on the essentials for any basic flash application. The design of the instrument, its modularity, and user-friendliness make it easy for you to take the first steps into automation and profit from increased speed and endless possibilities.

  • Detection:UV
  • Pump:Flash mode
  • System Design:Modular and fully automated
Pure Essential Flash Chromatography System

No-frills chromatography

Designed for simplicity, power, and safety, all within a small footprint, the Pure Essential Chromatography System is ideal for crowded labs and users taking their first steps into automated chromatography. The instrument’s focus is on getting the core components right and includes a powerful 50 bar pump, an easily configurable UV detector, and a fraction collector that can be added if required.
No-frills chromatography

Grows with your needs

Supporting you in every step of your research journey, the modular and scalable Pure Essential Chromatography System was designed to grow with your research needs. Offering unmatched flexibility and scalability for your separation process.
Grows with your needs

Easy to use

Revolutionizing user-friendly flash separations with state-of-the-art software for method programming, run data, and parameter adjustments. Experience seamless with the Pure Essential Chromatography System that simplifies every step of the separation process, ensuring safe and efficient operation.
Easy to use


  • Customize your system with a wide range of cartridge holders, sample loading choices, and volume capacities (5-1000 mL) to suit your application. Rest assured that the Pure Essential Chromatography System has the ability to grow with your needs.
    Additional options
  • Connect any type of flash cartridge (4-5000 g) or glass column (ID up to 100mm, lengths up to 900mm), and even add a high-pressure mixing chamber (2.5-22mL) for proper solvent mixing, especially helpful when mixing low concentrations.
    Adapt to your applications
  • Experience seamless separation processes with intelligently automated features that guide you through priming, equilibration, sample loading, elution, and rinsing. Comprehensive reporting ensures that all run data is saved and accessible at any time.
    Automated capabilities
  • Achieve fast and efficient separations with a powerful 50 bar pump able to handle even the most demanding tasks. Enjoy optimal safety and control offered by pressure sensors, regulators, and a pulsation-free flow.
    Basic but powerful and safe
  • Simplify your separations with a highly configurable setup meeting the needs of any application. The Pure Essential Chromatography System was intelligently designed with a focus on getting the essentials right.
    Basic design and setup
  • A system that grows with your needs. Further enhance your purification process with the addition of an optional UV detector and fraction collector to the Pure C-900 pump, ensuring precise collection and less solvent consumption.
    Expansion possibilities
  • Effortlessly control the system with state-of-the-art software, allowing quick and easy programming of methods and on-the-fly parameter adjustments. Automate your chromatography and get results in a flash.
    Intuitive handling
  • The Pure Essential Chromatography System is compatible with various vessel sizes and types, allowing liquid or solid loading to cater to your application needs.
    No limits for sample loading and fraction collection
  • Save valuable lab space with a compact instrument with a stackable design, built to handle the rigors of daily use with a steel pump head, sturdy fraction collector racks, and a robust cartridge holder.
    Small footprint & robust
  • Troubleshoot and maintain your instrument with ease thanks to easily accessible tubing and parts. The external UV detector enables fast and simple flow cell cleaning or replacement.
    Easy accessibility


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From synthesis or extraction to pure compound isolation

For more than 40 years, BUCHI preparative chromatography equipment has been widely used for the purification of high value products. Compounds such as “Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients” (APIs) or specialty chemicals are generated by organic synthesis or extraction. The end result must always be further concentrated and purified. BUCHI purification solutions allow to purify compounds from a few milligrams up to several hundred grams. Together with a broad range of high performance consumables, we provide you the optimized solution suited to your purification workflow.
  • Academia

    Preparative chromatography education. Purification after synthesis or extraction.

  • Chemicals

    Purification after synthesis. Preparative isolation of a compound from a formulation.

  • Pharmaceutical

    Purification of APIs after organic synthesis. Screening of natural compounds: isolation of various components after extraction. Biotechnology: purification after fermentation process.

  • Food

    Nutraceuticals: isolation of dietary supplements from natural compounds.