Mixer B-400

Optimized sample preparation

Mixer B-400 provides maximal homogenization efficiency at minimal effort. The user-friendly tool is essential for optimized sample preparation in your analysis process chain. 

  • Application:Grinding and homogenization
  • Knife rotation speed:approx. 9'000 rpm
  • Knife material:stainless steel or ceramic
Mixer B-400


Use the Mixer B-400 to grind samples even with high contents of water, fat or fiber. Perform trace element analysis thanks to the inert ceramic knife of the unit. Mixer B-400 is also suitable for microbiological testing using autoclavable materials, as well as for preparation of frozen samples thanks to its resistance to low temperatures.  



The grinding process of the Mixer B-400 is straightforward, enabling you to easily use the unit. Benefit from automatic features, such as automatic speed adjustment in cases of unexpected high friction. Mixer B-400 is designed to meet the highest demands of safe operation and functionality during your optimized sample preparation steps. 


Reproducible results

Mixer B-400 offers high recovery rates and low standard deviations thanks to excellent particle size distribution. The unit has short griding times, eliminating thermal decomposition. Prevent carry-over effects by easily and quickly cleaning your unit. Work contamination-free using the high-quality knife made of inert materials.  

Reproducible results


  • The BUCHI Mixer B-400 reduces the number of essential analyses per sample due to the complete homogeneity of samples. 

    Save time and money
  • For trace element analysis, the homogenized sample must be free of contamination. The Mixer B-400 is available with components in contact with the sample made of borosilicate glass, inert plastics (PP and PEEK), or titanium. The cutting knife is high quality ceramic.

  • For microbiological sample testing, sterility is an absolute requirement. A PVDF membrane permits autoclave sterilization of all components contacting the sample.

  • The B-400 has been awarded the official GS mark for "Tested Safety" - meeting maximum requirements on safe operation and functionality. A major feature: The knife of the mixer can only rotate with the safety door closed. If the door is opened while mixing is in progress, the knife stops automatically.  


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Simultaneous grinding and homogenization

The BUCHI mixer B-400 is designed for efficient homogenization of a wide range of food and feed samples. The achieved homogeneous analytical fineness is key for the quality of the subsequent analytical procedures.
  • Homogenization

    Grinding and homogenizing of food and feed samples for reproducible analyses for proximates as fat or protein or contaminants.