Encapsulator B-390 / B-395

For innovative microbeads and microcapsules

The Encapsulator B-390 / B-395 is a versatile system for encapsulation of active ingredients and materials for R&D purposes. From pharma to food samples, the adaptability of the device lets you obtain innovative microbeads and microcapsules.

  • Capsule type: matrix beads or core shell capsules
  • Final particle size: 150 μm - 4 mm
  • Productivity: 1 - 40 mL / min
Encapsulator B-390 / B-395


The Encapsulator B-395 makes sterile encapsulation of cells, microorganisms and active ingredients possible. You can aseptically introduce and remove fluids and products to and from the reaction vessel. You can also readily integrate the encapsulation instrument in a GMP-compliant production process.


Increased efficiency

The low-impact encapsulation conditions made possible by the Encapsulator B-390 / B-395 can increase the efficiency and reproducibility of your encapsulation process. The encapsulation system offers you tight particle size distribution and high yields of a product with superior quality.

Increased efficiency

Flawless user experience

Enjoy a flawless user experience with the Encapsulator B-390 / B-395 thanks to intuitive operation and easy maintenace. The ability to directly see the droplet formation gives you comprehensive access to the process and enables you to quickly and confidently optimize your encapsulation. We offer extensive support, so you can easily adapt the system to your particular samples and needs. Rely on our established application database or talk to our certified application specialists to optimize and personalize your system performance.

Flawless user experience


  • Easily calibrated syringe pump for low-loss feed of small sample quantities using sterile syringes of various volumes

    Syringe pump
  • The reaction vessel for the Encapsulator B-395 Pro is available with material certificates for GMP documentation

    Material certificates
  • Nozzle system for production of large core-shell capsules (dia. 2 – 4 mm) by means of drop separation process

    Big capsules nozzle
  • Nozzle system with airstream dispersal and minimized dead space, tailor-made for low-impact encapsulation of cell agglomerates

    Air dripping nozzle
  • Concentric nozzle system for creating core-shell capsules (dia. 200 – 2000 μm)

    Concentric nozzle system

Compare the Encapsulator B-390 / B-395

  • Encapsulator B-390

    • : Open mode
    • : Yes
    • : 80 µm
    • : 2,000 µm
    • : 1 l/h
    • : 200 l/h
    • : 40 - 6000 Hz
  • Encapsulator B-395 Pro

    • Working mode : Sterile mode
    • Nozzle heater for viscous samples : No
    • Minimum partical size : 80 µm
    • Maximum partical size : 2,000 µm
    • Minimum sample throughput : 1 l/h
    • Maximum sample throughput : 200 l/h
    • Vibration frequency : 40 - 6000 Hz
  • Encapsulator B-395 Pro GMP

    • Working mode : Sterile mode
    • Nozzle heater for viscous samples : No
    • Minimum partical size : 80 µm
    • Maximum partical size : 2,000 µm
    • Minimum sample throughput : 1 l/h
    • Maximum sample throughput : 200 l/h
    • Vibration frequency : 40 - 6000 Hz
Thanks to the introduction of the new BUCHI Encapsulator, various micro-beads can be produced quickly, and the production of beads under sterile conditions is easy. Dr. Eunhye Lee - Utah-Inha DDS & Advanced Therapeutics Research, Korea


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Many different options for a wide range of industries

For more than 30 years BUCHI has been developing market leading solutions for laboratory spray drying and encapsulation. It is our utmost ambition to understand and meet your personal demands in particle formation technologies for the lab. Our reliable and tailored solutions for various industries include ingenious products, innovative systems and a highly professional application support.
  • Pharmaceuticals

    Active pharmaceutical ingredients, drug delivery, vaccines, inhalable drugs, taste masking

  • Materials and Nano technology

    Nanotechnology, catalysts, fuel cells, batteries, accumulators, ceramics, UV absorbers, pigments and coatings

    Materials and Nano technology
  • Food

    Encapsulation of additives, controlled release, nutraceuticals, functional foods, flavors, vitamins, proteins, probiotic bacteria, juice concentrate, milk powder

  • Academia

    For a wide range of applications in academic education: Full range of spray drying applications.

  • Feed

    Encapsulation of additives, flavors, vitamins, proteins, probiotic bacteria, controlled release

  • Others

    Cell, bacteria and protein encapsulation, cell transplantation, biotransformation, cosmetics, fragrances, environmental applications