3-MCPD and glycidol in infant formula

SpeedExtractor E-916, Multivapor P-6: Extraction of 3-MCPD and glycidyl-esters from infant formula
3-MCPD and glycidol in infant formula
Esters of 2- and 3-MCPD (monochloropropanediol) are formed during the refining process of vegetable oils. Therefore, any food that contains vegetable oils can potentially contain 2- or 3-MCPD esters. 3-MCPD has been classified as potentially carcinogenic to humans, whereas glycidol is carcinogenic and genotoxic. The EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) defined a tolerable daily intake (TDI) of 0.8 μg/kg body weight. For glycidol and glycidyl esters there is no tolerable daily intake value available, but the presence should be avoided according to the ALARA principle (As Low As Reasonable Achievable). Among all foods, infant formula is the most critical one because infant formula is the only food that is consumed by infants that are not breastfed, and the body weight is very low.