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Melting Point M-565

Automated and reliable measurements

Printer and keyboard

The Melting Point M-565 for the automatic determination of melting and boiling points is designed for true, professional quality control. It includes a color display to observe the phase transition, is equipped with a video camera and a video replay function which allows reviewing the melting and boiling point determination.

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  • Fail-safe calibration with automated determination and storage of calibration results
  • Automatic determination of melting and boiling points
  • Highly accurate temperature regulation and measurement
  • Optimized reproducibility with homogeneous packing of the capillary using the Sample Loader M-569


  • Control of almost any type of sample by measuring melting point, boiling point or slip melting point.
  • Double check of difficult samples by comparing manual and automated measurement
  • Observation and replay of the phase transition using color display and video recording
  • Optional PC software for easy management of methods and results


  • Compliant with Pharmacopeia methods (European, USP, Japanese)
  • Comprehensive IQ/OQ procedures including certified calibration and verification compounds for GLP/GMP laboratories.
Video recording

Video recording

The video recording of the melting or boiling process enables a fatigue-proof, relaxed observation of the phase transition on the colour display in 6 fold magnification.    
Melting point video movie_01

Video movie

Video movie of every determination allows the look at the results after the measurement. Variable speed from single picture slow motion to fast motion up to 100x help to analyse the entire process in an efficient way.

Sample determination lens

Sample determination

Three different samples can be determined simultaneously. The user watches the samples on the display panel through a 2.5 magnifying glass for precise determination, detects the start and completion of melting and stores the values by pressing a button. The optimized design of the heating block allows faster cooling times and as a result a higher throughput per hour.
Heating block

Heating block

Optimized design of the heating block allows faster cooling times and therefore higher samples throughput per hour.  


A brilliant large colour display with a high resolution guarantees a comfortable control of the instrument and helps you to determine melting points in a most efficient way.  
Melting point calibration_02


Fully menu guided calibration in combination with the BUCHI Calibration Standards enable high quality calibrations.

Sample Loader M-569

For fast and efficient loading of samples into BUCHI melting Point capillaries.  
Printer and keyboard

Printer and Keyboard

The optional Printer is for GLP/GMP-conform documentation of results of calibration, melting and boiling point determination. The optional Keyboard can be used for a fast input of sample parameters. 
MeltingPoint Monitor Software

MeltingPoint Monitor Software

Optional MeltingPoint Monitor Software for an easy and save management of users, methods and results.  


Optional IQ/OQ Documentation for customers in a regulated environment. No need to create validation documents