Pure Chromatography Systems

Fitting to your needs and environment

Perform any flash or prep HPLC application easily and safely with our extremely compact Pure Chromatography Systems. The Pure platform is fitting to your needs and environment and offers maximal user and sample safety, while using minimal space.

  • Detection:UV and ELSD
  • Pump:Flash and prep HPLC mode
  • System Design:Compact and fully automated
Pure Chromatography Systems

Space Saving

The smart design of the Pure Chromatography System is fitting to your needs and environment. Thanks to its small footprint, extra solvent platform and the placement of cartridge/column holders in the front of the system, you can save precious laboratory space. The combination of flash and prep HPLC in one instrument, as well as integrated UV and ELSD technologies offer you unmatched purification possibilities all from one compact system.

Space Saving

Safe Operation

The Pure Chromatography Systems are designed with safety in mind. The closed fraction collector bay ensures clean air in your lab. Leak and pressure sensors quickly warn you of unexpected circumstances. Remote control of the system substantially reduces your time in the lab and decreases your exposure to potential hazards.

Safe Operation

Simple to Use

The system interface, based on proven logic, is intuitive and simple to use. You can comfortably work with the integrated ELSD technology and easily clean and maintain all essential system parts to save yourself time and hassles. The sample injection is universal, regardless of your application.

Simple to Use


  • The cartridge / column holders are positioned in front of the Pure instruments so that you can easily access them and their side parts remain free.

    Benefit from convenient placement of the cartridge/ column holder
  • The Pure Chromatography Systems, fitting to your needs and environment, are designed with an extra solvent platform on top. The platform provides space for four bottles, so you no longer need to store solvents on the bench. 

    Gain extra bench space with solvent platform
  • You can safely operate your Pure Chromatography Systems even outside of a fume hood, as the instruments are equipped with a fume enclosure at the collector, making active ventilation possible.

    Enjoy clean air using a fume enclosure
  • All Pure systems are equipped with sensors monitoring the vapor, pressure and the solvent level in the bottles during the whole purification run. Thanks to the RFID technology on the cartridges and the racks, potential risks of wrong settings (e.g. max pressure) are eliminated.

    Feel safe with your system thanks to automatic monitoring and settings
  • The sample injection modes are as diverse as the applications themselves. With Pure, you can easily perform both liquid and solid injection and you can conveniently select between bottom-top or top-bottom injection thanks to the universal flash cartridge holder. Pure offers convenient ways for both liquid and solid injection.

    Perform flexible sample injection thanks to a smart design
  • Easily and safely operate all Pure systems thanks to user-friendly software. A single programming screen featuring simple run controls minimizes user training times.

    Minimize user training time thanks to simple software
“The ELSD capabilities were very important, and the integrated flash and prep HPLC system with fume enclosure allows us to operate the unit outside the fume hood, which was important since we didn’t have much free bench space.”Tze Chieh Shiao, Scientific Director Chemistry, - Glycovax Pharma Inc.


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From synthesis or extraction to pure compound isolation

For more than 40 years, BUCHI preparative chromatography equipment has been widely used for the purification of high value products. Compounds such as “Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients” (APIs) or specialty chemicals are generated by organic synthesis or extraction. The end result must always be further concentrated and purified. BUCHI purification solutions allow to purify compounds from a few milligrams up to several hundred grams. Together with a broad range of high performance consumables, we provide you the optimized solution suited to your purification workflow.
  • Academia

    Preparative chromatography education. Purification after synthesis or extraction.

  • Chemicals

    Purification after synthesis. Preparative isolation of a compound from a formulation.

  • Pharmaceutical

    Purification of APIs after organic synthesis. Screening of natural compounds: isolation of various components after extraction. Biotechnology: purification after fermentation process.

  • Food

    Nutraceuticals: isolation of dietary supplements from natural compounds.