2024 May. 2

Chromatography - How to switch from prep HPLC to prep SFC

Enhance Your Preparative Chromatography by joining our team of experts.
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Prep HPLC has been the cornerstone of preparative chromatography for years. However, what if you could perform your purifications faster, more sustainably, and more efficiently? Dr. Birke Götz, Product Manager at BUCHI, is joining forces with Holger Gumm, Managing Director, Sepiatec GmbH, and Ron Magboo, Senior Principal Investigator at Incyte, to give you an overview of how you can easily switch from prep HPLC to prep SFC, focusing on the following topics:

Learning targets
  • A basic theoretical explanation of prep SFC
  • A comparative analysis of prep HPLC and  prep SFC techniques
  • Prep SFC benefits and method development
  • Application examples
2024 May. 2
45 mins
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