Sharing laboratory knowledge

Years of laboratory know-how and expertise at your convenience

We have always been at the forefront of product development for a wide range of laboratory techniques, from rotary evaporation to extraction to spray drying and NIR. Use our laboratory knowledge and rely on years of laboratory expertise to optimize your methods.



Laboratory expertise stretching across all scientific fields

We’ve compiled our laboratory knowledge into hundreds of application notes that contain methods, process parameters and final data. Benefit from our laboratory skills in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and environmental fields with research data that is relevant to your challenging lab work.  

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Basic theory and laboratory skills to get the most out of your method

We have worked with instruments using rotary evaporation, chromatography, the Kjeldahl method and more, noting intricacies and optimizing protocols for customer applications. Use our guides with basic laboratory knowledge and tips to improve your own techniques. 

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