2021 May. 26

Chromatography Masterclass II: Consumables and Sample Loading

Gain valuable information on selection, handling and use of chromatography consumables. Ensure you are making the correct choices for your application from the wide selection of chromatography cartridges and columns available.
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Content of training

In part two of our 4-part chromatography lecture series, gain beneficial insights into use and care of flash cartridges and prep HPLC columns. Based on the widely popular, Chromapedia guidebook, this masterclass helps navigate you through a broad range of consumables and offers useful tips.

Learning targets
  • Characteristics, benefits and limitations of flash cartridges and prep HPLC columns
  • Equilibration, cleaning and storage of chromatography consumables
  • Dry and slurry packing methods for glass columns
  • Liquid and solid sample loading techniques
  • How to calculate loading capacity of a flash cartridge or prep HPLC column
2021 May. 26
30 min
Virtual classroom
For free
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