Alcohol determination in ethanol/water mixtures

Distillation unit EasyDist: Steam distillation in comparison with EEC 2870/2000, EEC 2676/1990 and OIV-MA-AS312-01A.

Alcohol determination in ethanol/water mixtures

In most jurisdictions around the world it is a legal requirement to accurately determine the alcohol content of alcoholic beverages and medicines for labelling and for taxation purposes. An accurate and reliable method for the determination of the alcohol content in mixtures of four different ethanol/water concentrations, two of the min comparison to EEC 2870/2000 (spirits), EEC2676/1990 (wine) and OIV-MA-AS312-01A (wine) is hereby introduced in co-operation with Versuchs-und Lehranstalt für Brauerei (VLB), Berlin. The ethanol/water mixtures are distilled using the distillation unit EasyDist with a glass splash protector. A digital density meter is used to determine the alcohol content after the distillation and for the reference measurement by direct injections.