2023 Oct. 25

Lyophilization Process Development for Human Breast Milk

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Lyophilization process, also known as freeze-drying, is a critical and intricate technique used in various industries, particularly pharmaceuticals, food, and biotechnology, to remove moisture from sensitive materials while preserving their structural integrity and efficacy. Moreover, it enables the creation of powdered forms of perishable products, like instant coffee or powdered milk, facilitating transportation and storage while retaining their original quality. Join our industry experts to learn more about the method

Learning targets

Gather more insights about the following:

  • Current developments in the freeze drying method
  • How to overcome the current challenges in preserving human breast milk
  • How sublimation helps preserve nutrients, immunological and probiotic compounds
  • How to prolong shelf life and guarantee safe storage
  • Case study: freeze drying service for breast milk
2023 Oct. 25
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