2021 Jun. 10

Freeze Drying for Covid-19 PCR based Diagnostic Kits

Learn how to use freeze drying to produce room-temperature-stable PCR diagnostic kits. These diagnostic kits are suitable for use and distribution in regions with limited access to efficient cold-chain management and storage.
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Content of training

One of the main challenges of producing Covid-19 PCR diagnostic kits is stability at room temperature. In our free webinar, join Mr. Jimmy Toh, Director of BioAcumen Global Pte Ltd, and Dr. Tuan Anh Pham, Product Specialist at BUCHI Labortechnik in discussing how to use freeze drying to develop diagnostic tools that are stable at room temperature.

Covid-19 PCR kits and vaccines are needed in regions with limited access to efficient cold-chain management and storage. Learn how to adapt the freeze-drying method to increase the shelf-life and stability of PCR-based diagnostic kits.

Learning targets
  • The basic theory of the freeze-drying method
  • How to adapt the freeze-drying process to PCR kits
  • Tips on developing an optimal freeze-drying method using a freeze dryer
  • Experience-sharing: freeze drying PCR kits for African Swine Fever Virus
2021 Jun. 10
60 min
Virtual classroom
For free
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