Free fatty acid determination

FatExtractor E-500: Free fatty acid and crude fat content determination in flour and brewer's spent grain samples

Free fatty acid determination

A simple and reliable procedure for determination of free fatty acids (FFA) and fat content in flour and brewer's spent grain (BSG) samples is introduced. BSG is a byproduct of the brewing industry and is used as a food additive, animal feed or fertilizer. The amount of FFA is a quality factor as it increases during storage and has an impact on the rheological properties of flour-water doughs.

During processing or storage, oils and fats get hydrolsed, resulting in free fatty acids. Oxidized FFA's smell rancid and are therefore a key factor for oil and fat quality. 

In the presented application, the samples are extracted using the FatExtractor E-500 Soxhlet, following by a titration to determine the FFA content. The results of the flour samples are compared within a proficiency test. The results of the brewer's grain samples are compared with literature values.

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