Our talented and passionate staff

Join our team of outstanding individuals dedicated to delivering excellence every step of the way. At our company, we firmly believe in our credo "Quality in your hands", and every member of our staff is dedicated to upholding this standard. As part of our team, you will have the opportunity to work alongside skilled professionals who are passionate about what they do, and make a real difference in the lives of our clients. Come join us and take your career to new heights!


We all judge a book by its cover because it gives the reader a sneak preview of what’s to come. From the moment our visitors get into our office building in Flawil, the front desk experience sets the tone for their time with our company. And from start to finish, a visitor’s experience with our company impacts how they view the entire BUCHI brand. I love the contact with people and find the exchange - whether at the reception or on the phone very important. I am proud to represent BUCHI as professional front desk and to help create a welcoming environment for everyone that visits our premises, including our own staff. At BUCHI, there are a lot of great and helpful employees who always help you out.

Head of Global ICT

I have been working in the IT industry for over 20 years. It has always been important to me to develop the best solutions for the respective company and the people involved. I am a team player who is solution-oriented and integrative. I see people as an important factor in my work to successfully implement ICT projects and to accompany the digital transformation in medium-sized companies. The current corporate projects at BUCHI require top coordinated cooperation between the various departments and my ICT department. My projects, the internationality, the target markets and the exciting products make the employer BUCHI a great opportunity for me.

Internal Marketing Assistant

Photography became my hobby about 6 years ago. It has strengthened my connection with different people. "Capturing moments of life" has become an important part of my hobby and seeing happy faces makes me feel even happier. I live in Mumbai and am an integral part of the global BUCHI marketing team. I feel great belonging to this team and it makes me proud. Actually it is more than a team, it is like an extended family with many happy faces. Every single member is different and unique, but still lovable and helpful.

Marketing Manager India

There are always fresh ideas in the hallways and in BUCHI there is a willingness to try new things as well as the processes we follow. Being a Marketing Manager at BUCHI India, I am here to fuel the relentless pursuit of excellence in my team. At BUCHI I especially enjoy taking or contributing in new initiatives and to shape the customer journey. I have been always encouraged to have goals and also individual development plans. BUCHI has always encouraged me to take new responsibilities and initiatives. The management team has always valued my opinions and suggestions which is extremely motivating for me.

Order Processing

I am an open and communicative person and my job at BUCHI offers me just the right thing; the cooperation, the contacts and discussions with colleagues and customers worldwide and a lively working day at the headquarters in Flawil. BUCHI always offers me the opportunity to expand my horizons, both personally and professionally.

Head Software Engineering Research & Development

At BUCHI we work on innovative software solutions that add value for our customers. Our job is to keep the development infrastructure and products on the cutting edge of technology and to find solutions that can be further developed and maintained over the long term. The important thing is to take everyone involved along on the journey and continuously check that you’re still on the right path. In these undertakings I find the “Agile Manifesto” helpful. I have been working with agile best practices since 2003 and am now applying them at BUCHI. A big part of my job is empowering, consulting and training people. I love getting together with my colleagues, sharing experiences and laughing together. We also do this during a lively ball exchange on our BUCHI tennis court in Flawil.

Lab Technician Drying

I'm happy at BUCHI because I feel appreciated, I can decide a lot myself, contribute ideas and thus develop my professional potential. There are also exciting projects and nice colleagues from all kinds of countries.

Head of Data Science

I grew up in Colombia and my original background is in Digital Agriculture. My passion for Data Analytics took me professionally to Brazil, Germany, Belgium and most recently to Switzerland. Since I started working at BUCHI in Flawil, I have experienced the best moments of my life. Professionally, I have been confronted with fascinating challenges where the introduction of our cutting-edge Data Science solutions will surely be disruptive for the lab industry. And as far as my private life is concerned, I also have started a family during my time at BUCHI. This position offers me the opportunity to have a healthy work and family balance.