Our Executive Management consists of seven members and implements the strategy adopted by the Board of Directors. The management team is structured according to business unit and departmental responsibility. Together as a team, they contribute a great deal of industry knowledge and many years of experience that add value to BUCHI’s decision making and performance. Their different personalities and areas of expertise and experience combine to deliver powerful synergy. Their top priority is to collaborate constructively as a team and pull together to achieve goals and successfully lead the company.

Executive Management


from left to right

Vahé Iplikci

Director Business Unit Food & Feed / Environment

Pius Schuler

Director Finance & Services

Dr. Christof Bircher

Director Marketing, Communication & Digitalization

Dr. Roger Baumann


Dr. Ruedi Hartmann

Director Business Unit Pharma & Chemistry

Christian Walter

Director Sales & Service

Manuel Schindler

Director Operations

Board of Directors

Madeleine Stöckli Müller

Chair of the Board

Dr. Reinhardt Büchi

Vice Chair of the Board

Roman Brunner

Prof. Dr. Simon Grand

Michael Melingo