2022 Mar. 16

How to make your own gin with a Rotavapor

Using rotary evaporation for flavor creation in mixology and molecular cooking.
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In our free webinar on using rotary evaporation for flavor creation, join Mr. Florian Grundböck from Deux Frères Spirits as he explores:

  • How to use a Rotavapor for distillation and cocktail development
  • Benefits and limitations of rotary evaporation
  • Insights into the equipment needed for rotary evaporation
  • Exclusive gin recipes
  • Insights into adding botanicals to your creations

Plus: Opportunity to ask our panelist your own question!

Learning targets
  • Develop cocktails with rotary evaporation
  • Handle the equipment needed for rotary evaporation
  • Make innovative gin recipes
  • Use botanicals in the kitchen, the distillery, and the bar
2022 Mar. 16
45 minutes
Virtual classroom
For free
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