2023 Feb. 8

Functional material synthesis with spray drying

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Reproducibly achieving material combinations of different complexities can be a challenging task for material scientists. Modern spray drying has tried to support this type of research by handing the operator full control of spray drying parameters to improve the reproducibility of the synthesis of complex materials. In this webinar, join Prof. Dr. Karl Mandel and Mr. Philipp Groppe from FAU Eralngen-Nürnberg as they share their own experiences with the new Mini Spray Dryer S-300 in their work on complex particles.

Learning targets
  • Synthesis of first-complexity optical ID particles
  • Building second-level “communicating” particles from core-satellite supraparticles
  • Creating third-level complexity of combining nanoparticles and molecules (magnetic NPs and MOFs)
  • Introduction and benefits of modern spray drying, including instrument, parameters, process control and reporting
2023 Feb. 8
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