2021 Dec. 1

The complete formulation process for natural bioactives

Discover beneficial tips and tricks on how to spray dry plant-derived bioactives into dried antimicrobial powders. Learn about carriers, process parameters and final product characteristics directly from an expert in the field, Dr. Lim Kaiyang, Chief Scientific Officer at ESTA.
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Join Dr. Lim Kaiyang, Chief Scientific Officer at ESTA as he outlines the process for obtaining dried powders from natural bioactives. Learn how to derive natural antimicrobial agents used for personal protection, food and biomedical applications. Cover the entire formulation process. 

Learning targets
  • Recommended carrier types: maltodextrin vs trehalose
  • Effects of carrier concentration on product yield
  • Spray drying process parameters
  • Characteristics of final antimicrobial powder
2021 Dec. 1
30 min
Virtual Classroom
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