2021 Sep. 29

Chromatography Masterclass III: Method Development

Learn how to develop the optimal flash chromatography or prep HPLC method for your samples. See how to test your conditions quickly and easily and how to upscale.
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Content of training

n part three of our 4-part chromatography lecture series, gain essential knowledge on how to set-up a flash chromatography or prep HPLC method that is ideally suited to your application.

Learning targets
  • Analyze sample solubility
  • Select ideal stationary and mobile phases with help of retention factor values, the Snyder triangle and more
  • Upscale from TLC or analytical HPLC to flash or prep HPLC
  • Improve resolution based on selectivity, retention factor and column efficiency
2021 Sep. 29
60 min
Virtual classroom
For free
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