2020 Sep. 1

10 Steps to Pure CBD from cannabis

Get a detailed overview of the cannabis processing workflow and how to get from plant to actives.
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Content of training

A concise webinar highlighting the science and technology used in cannabis processing. Go through all 10 steps needed to go from plant to actives together with a BUCHI expert. See how to use NIR for quality control during cultivation, check out the different types of extraction possibilities available to you, and learn about winterization and filtration techniques. Get insights into solvent removal, distillation and using chromatography to separate cannabinoids and terpenes.

Plus information on final processing steps, answers to interesting questions from cannabis scientists and more.

Learning targets
  • Cannabinoid chemistry 
  • Cultivation techniques with NIR quality control
  • Extraction of actives and solvent removal
  • Cannabinoid separation with chromatography
2020 Sep. 1
60 min
Virtual classroom
For free
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