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How we can we help you optimize your process in a cost-efficient way?

Our latest X-Sential™ process sensor provides continuous measurements, which are perfect for production where basic nutritional parameters such as protein, moisture or fat are analyzed in real-time.

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Main Feature

  • Instrumentation for food or animal feed production often face cleaning-in-place routines. The X-Sential™ meets IP69K criterias for highest protection against dust and water spray.

  • The X-Sential™ process analyzer can be equipped with either NIR, NIR/VIS or VIS spectral channels. With these detectors, product features like basic nutrition parameters and/or color can be determined in the production process in real-time.  

  • The main quality-related parameters of food and feed products and ingredients, like moisture, fat, protein, and others, show strong spectral features in the NIR spectral region. The X-Sential™ offers all that is needed to provide these data in your production process at high quality.

Need a more advanced sensor?

Don't worry! We offer more. Our X-One process analyzers are available in versions suitable for operation in Ex zones and, in addition to the NIR or NIR/VIS channels, offer a high-resolution CCD camera that enables visual inspection of the product in front of the sensor.

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