Spare Parts and Service Availability

It has always been our goal at BUCHI to develop long-lasting and reliable instruments. Application support and maintenance have been prioritized by keeping spare parts available for legacy devices as long as economically possible. Follow the links below for an up-to-date list of spare parts and service availability for legacy devices from BUCHI technical support.


End of Service is reached

Parts and services not available**

** Exception: If other wise indicated, or same parts are used in product that is still within serviceability

Chiffre / StatusDescriptionEnd of ProductionReplacing Product
B-169Vacuum System1997I-300/I-300 Pro
B-172 / B-173Vacuum System1995V-300
B-177 / B-178Vacuum System1998V-300
B-179 / B-180Vacuum System1998V-300
B-302Moisture Analyzer2000None
B-461Waterbath for RE-1111993B-301/B-305
B-462Heatingbath Special1985B-301/B-305
B-464Waterbath for RE-140 / EL-1411993B-301/B-305
B-465Waterbath for RE-1201984B-301/B-305
B-466Waterbath Special1984B-301/B-305
B-470Oilbath for RE-1201984B-301/B-305
B-471Oilbath for RE-1111993B-301/B-305
B-474Oilbath for RE-140 / EL-1411993B-301/B-305
B-480Waterbath for R-114 etc.2000B-301/B-305
B-481Waterbath with Display R-1142000B-301/B-305
B-485Oilbath for R-114 etc.2000B-301/B-305
B-490 for R-200Waterbath / Oilbath R-200 / R-2052005B-301/B-305
B-580Glass Tube Oven2004B-585
B-720Vacuum Controller1997I-300/I-300 Pro
B-721Vacuum Controller2001I-300/I-300 Pro
B-740 (1400W)Chiller2010F-314
B-740 (2500W)Chiller  (Special Ordering)2010F-125
B-740 (800W)Chiller2010F-308
B-741 (500W)Chiller2010F-100/F-105/F-305
B-770Solvent Recycler1996None
B-AE50Waterbath for R-AE502006B-301/B-305
DG 1500 / 5000Steam Generator1985None
EL-141Rotavapor Automatic1993R-300
F-205Water Distillation Apparatus1987None
F-210Water Distillation Apparatus1998None
F-250Water Distillation Apparatus1987None
F-260Water Distillation Apparatus1987None
F-285Water Distillation Apparatus1998None
F-61Water Distillation Apparatus1971None
F-71 / FT-71Water Distillation Apparatus1977None
FontavaporWater Distillation Apparatus1980None
GKR-50  (B-560)Glass Tube Oven1987B-585
GKR-51  (B-561)Glass Tube Oven1996B-585
MinivaporWater Distillation Apparatus1977None
O-240  / 280 (B-499) Oilbath1979B-301/B-305
R-110 / RE-120Rotavapor1984R-300
R-114Rotavapor Manual2000R-300
R-115 ExRotavapor1984R-300 (no Ex version)
R-124Rotavapor With Display2000R-300
R-134Rotavapor with Vacuumcontroller2000R-300
R-144Rotavapor Automatic2000R-300
R-AE50Rotavapor Anniversary Edition2006R-300
RE-140Rotavapor Automatic1993R-300
Roti M  (R-106)Rotavapor1995R-300
TO-50     (B-570)Drying Oven1976B-585
TO-51     (B-571)Drying Oven1996B-585
V-1000 Serial / ParallelVacuum Pump2005V-600
V-501 / V-502 / V-503Vacuum Pump2005V-300
V-511 / V-512 / V-513Vacuum Pump2005V-300
V-800Vacuum Controller2005I-300/I-300 Pro
V-805Vacuum Controller2005I-300/I-300 Pro
Vapodest 100 / 500Distillation Unit1986None
W-240 / 280 (B-499) Waterbath1979None
WD-50Water Distillation Apparatus1973None
K-10 / K-20Heating Bath 10l / 20l1975None
R-10Industrial Rotavapor1977R-220 Pro
R-10.2 (R-150)Industrial Rotavapor1981R-220 Pro
R-151Rotavapor1991R-220 Pro
R-152Rotavapor1993R-220 Pro
R-153Rotavapor1999R-220 Pro
R-170Industrial Rotavapor1991R-220 Pro
R-175 Ex / R-185 ExIndustrial Rotavapor1993R-220 EX R-250 EX
R-176 Ex / R-186 ExIndustrial Rotavapor1993R-220 EX R-250 EX
R-187 D / EL / ELExRotavapor 100l2001R-250 / R-250 EX
R-20Ex/R-50ExIndustrial Rotavapor1974R-220 EX R-250 EX
B-190Mini Spray Dryer1993B-290
B-191Mini Spray Dryer2003B-290
B-710Fluid Bed Dryer1993None
B-510Melting Point Apparatus1977M-560/565
B-512Melting Point Apparatus1986M-560/565
B-520Melting Point Apparatus1986M-560/565
B-530Melting Point Apparatus1995M-560/565
B-535 with DisplayMelting Point Apparatus1995M-560/565
B-540 ManualMelting Point Apparatus2008M-560/565
B-545 Automatic DetectionMelting Point Apparatus2008M-560/565
SMP-20Melting Point Apparatus1977M-560/565
Tottoli MPMelting Point Apparatus1974M-560/565
B-660Fraction Collector1986C-660
B-670DC - Chromatograph1986None
B-681 / B-682Chromatography pumps1993C-601/605
B-683UV - Filter Detector1987C-640
B-684Fraction Collector1993C-660
B-684 AFraction Collector Advanced2002C-660
B-685Columns Old1993C-690
B-685 AColumns2002C-690
B-686Peak Detector1993C-640
B-686 APeak Detector2002C-640
B-687Gradient Programmer1993C-615/620
B-687 AGradient Programmer2002C-615/620
B-688 AChromatography Pump2002C-601/605
RecorderSingle/Dual Channel Recorder1996C-640
UV DetectorUV Detector1996C-640
Varex ELSD MK IIlight scattering detector1988None
Varex ELSD MK IIAlight scattering detector1992None
Varex ELSD MK IIIlight scattering detector1994None
Alltech ELSD MK IIIlight scattering detector1996None
ELSD 500light scattering detector2000None
ELSD LTAlight scattering detector2000None
ELSD 2000light scattering detector2004None
ELSD 800light scattering detector2009None
ELSD 2000ESlight scattering detector2010None
B-325Distillation Unit (4 pl.)1984None
B-345Control Unit zu B-3251984None
B-321Distillation Unit1987K-360
B-322Distillation Unit1993K-375
B-342Control Unit zu B-3221988K-375
B-343Control Unit zu B-3221993K-375
B-339Distillation Unit2003K-375
B-320Distillation Unit1987K-350 / K-355
B-315Distillation Unit1992K-350 / K-355
B-316Distillation Unit1997K-350 / K-355
K-314Distillation Unit2005K-350 / K-355
B-323Distillation Unit1997K-360
B-410Colling Fan1986None
B-420Rapid Digestion 2pl. IR1995None
B-445Digester1986K-425 / K-436
B-425Digestion Unit 4pl. mit Heizkalotten1991K-425 / K-436
B-426Digestion Unit 6pl. IR2005K-425 / K-436
K-424IR Digestion Unit 6pl. 2010K-425 / K-436
B-425 / B-430Digestion Unit 4pl./8pl. mit Heizkalotten1991K-425 / K-436
K-435IR Digestion Unit 12pl. 2010K-425 / K-436
B-428Hydrolysis Unit zu B-8101994H-506
B-810Fat Extraction1996see "notes"
B-815Extraction Unit for B-8202013see "notes"
B-820Fat Determination2007see "notes"
B-821Autsampler for B-820 OEM2006see "notes"

End of Service is near

Chiffre / StatusDescriptionEnd of ProductionReplacing ProductEnd of Service planned
R-220Rotavapor 20l2008R-220 SE31 December 2021
B-295Innert Loop OEM Old Version (Silver)2010B-29531 December 2021
B-296Dehumidifer  OEM Old Version (Silver)2010B-29631 December 2021
Q-101Reactor2010Syncore (no reactor)31 December 2021
C-630UV Monitor2011C-64031 December 2021
C-635UV Photometer2011C-64031 December 2021
KnauerDifferential Refractometer2011None31 December 2021
Revelerisflash instrument2012PURE C-81531 December 2022
K-370AutoDistillation Unit2012K-37531 December 2022
K-371Autosampler2012KjelSampler K-376 / K-37731 December 2022
B-324Distillation Unit 2008K-36031 December 2021
B-414Scrubber2012K-41531 December 2022
B-435Digestion Unit 12pl. IR2005K-425 / K-43631 December 2021
B-436 Controll Unit for K-4352011integrated in K-43931 December 2021
K-437Digest System 300mL block2013K-44631 December 2023
K-438Digest Automat 300mL block2013K-44931 December 2023
K-431Digest System 500mL block2011None31 December 2023
K-432Digest Automat 500mL block2013None31 December 2023

Service available, outside guaranteed spare parts availability*

* Electronic parts: 5 years after “end of production” / mechanical parts: 10 years after “end of production”

Chiffre / StatusDescriptionEnd of ProductionReplacing Product
B-491Water / Oilbath2015B-301/B-305
B-495Waterbath Only2015B-301/B-305
B-IIWaterbath for R-II2015B-301/B-305
F-108Recirculating Chiller2015F-308
F-114Recirculating Chiller2015F-314
R-215Rotavapor With Display2015R-300
R-3Rotavapor Special Edition2014R-100
R IIRotavapor2015R-300
V-700Vacuum Pump2015V-300
V-710Vacuum Pump2015V-600
V-850 Vacuum Controller2015I-300/I-300 Pro
V-855Vacuum Controller2015I-300/I-300 Pro
C-623sequential module2014None
C-625sequential module2014None
Linseis L-120SDual Channel Recorder2014None
Linseis L-120SSingle Channel Recorder2014None

Spare parts and service available

Chiffre / StatusDescriptionEnd of ProductionReplacing Product
B-585Glass Tube Oven--Still Available
F-100Recirculating Chiller--Still Available
F-105Recirculating Chiller--Still Available
F-125Recirculating Chiller--Still Available
R-100Rotavapor--Still Available
R-300Rotavapor--Still Available
V-100Vacuum Pump--Still Available
V-300Vacuum Pump--Still Available
I-300Interface--Still Available
I-100Interface--Still Available
I-300 ProInterface--Still Available
F-305Recirculating Chiller--Still Available
F-308Recirculating Chiller--Still Available
F-314Recirculating Chiller--Still Available
R-220 ExRotavapor 20l--Still Available
R-220 SE + HP (222)Rotavapor 20l2017R-220 Pro
R-220 ProRotavapor 20l--Still Available
R-250Rotavapor 50l--Still Available
R-250 ExRotavapor 50l--Still Available
R-250 ExRotavapor 50l--Still Available
B-290Mini Spray Dryer--Still Available
B-295Innert loop OEM New Version (White)--Still Available
B-296Dehumidifer  OEM New Version (White)--Still Available
B-390Encapsulator--Still Available
B-395Encapsulator Proffesional--Still Available
B-90Nano Spray Dryer--Still Available
M-560Melting Point Apparatus--Still Available
M-565 with CameraMelting Point Apparatus--Still Available
M-569 Sample Loader--Still Available
P-12Multivapor--Still Available
P-6Multivapor--Still Available
Q-102SyncorePlus Still Available
C-601Pump 10 Bar--Still Available
C-605Pump 50 Bar--Still Available
C-610Pump Controller--Still Available
C-615Pump Manager--Still Available
C-620Sepacore Contol Unit--Still Available
C-640UV - Vis Detector --Still Available
C-650ELSD--Still Available
C-660Fraction Collector--Still Available
C-670Cartridger--Still Available
C-700PrepChrom2017Pure C-850
ELSD 3300light scattering detector2018None
ELSD 3300HPlight scattering detector2020None
Reveleris X2flash instrument2019PURE C-815
Reveleris Prepflash/prep hybrid instrument2018PURE C-850
PURE C-810flash instrument w/o ELSD--Still Available
PURE C-815flash instrument w ELSD--Still Available
PURE C-830prep instrument w/o ELSD--Still Available
PURE C-835Prep instrument w ELSD--Still Available
PURE C-850flash/prep hybrid instrument--Still Available
K-375KjelMaster     --Still Available
K-376KjelSampler       --Still Available
K-377KjelSampler       --Still Available
K-350Distillation Unit--Still Available
K-355Distillation Unit--Still Available
K-360KjelFlex--Still Available
K-415Scrubber--Still Available
K-425SpeedDigester 6pl. IR--Still Available
K-436SpeedDigester 12pl. IR--Still Available
K-439SpeedDigester 12pl. IR automatic--Still Available
K-446KjelDigester--Still Available
K-449KjelDigester--Still Available
B-440Wet Digestion Unit--Still Available
E-416Hydrolysis Unit for E-816 etc.2019H-506
B-411 (E-416)Hydrolysis Unit for B-8112019H-506
B-400Mixer--Still Available
B-811/LSVFat Extraction2019E-800
E-812 HEFat Extraction2019E-500
E-812 SOXFat Extraction2019E-500
E-816 HEFat Extraction2019E-500
E-816 SOXFat Extraction2019E-500
E-816 ECEFat Extraction2019E-500
E-914Speedextractor--Still Available
E-916Speedextractor--Still Available
E-500FatExtractor--Still Available
E-800FatExtractor--Still Available
H-506HydrolEx--Still Available
N-500N-500--Still Available
NIR MasterNIR Master--Still Available
ProxiMateRobust NIR Food / Feed --Still Available
X-OneNIR Online --Still Available
X-TwoNIR Online --Still Available
X-ThreeNIR Online --Still Available
X-FourNIR Online --Still Available
X-FiveNIR Online --Still Available
X-ZeroNIR Online --Still Available
Multipoint NIR Online --Still Available
PA2NIR Online --Still Available


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