Pure Chromatography Consumables

Pure flexibility. Pure specialization. Pure convenience.



FlashPure cartridges are offered in a wide range of sizes, covering different stationary phases, particle sizes and geometries.

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PrepPure HPLC columns are filled with high quality silica and enable the performance of high resolution separations.

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When a purification has to be scaled up, GlasPure offers maximum flexibility in terms of scale and separation requirements.

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Sample Loader

With the Pure sample loading portfolio, the chemist has the choice between several convenient options. 

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More focus on your application

High Flexibility

Multiple solutions for flash and prep HPLC applications 

The wide range of Pure consumables cover any need:

  • Flash cartridges
  • Sample loader
  • Prep HPLC columns
  • Glass columns

Specialized Solutions

Features that go beyond your expectations

Some applications require special­ized equipment. Therefore BUCHI offers customized solutions:

  • Glass columns for loading capacities ≥ 300 g
  • Solid loader equipment resistent up to 50 bar (725 psi)
  • 70 mm ID prep HPLC columns for large scale purifications

Maximum Convenience

Development of a flash method in no time

Valuable tools make the setup of a flash purification run easier and faster:

  • The digital tool FlashPure Scout helps to select the cartridge that best fits your needs
  • The TLC to flash navigator software simplifies method optimization

FlashPure – For a wide range of flash applications

Choose Your FlashPure Stationary Phase

Ideal conditions for a successful separation result are given when the polarity of the target compound and the phases match.

Simplify method optimization using Pure Navigator software

The Pure Navigator software improves efficiency and productivity by simplifying method optimization and taking the guesswork out of interpreting your TLC or HPLC scouting runs. The FlashPure TLC plates and HPLC scouting columns use the same silica type as the FlashPure ID and EcoFlex cartridges and therefore allow best results for upscaling applications.

TLC Plates 

  • FlashPure EcoFlex Silica and Alumina coated
  • Glass and aluminum backed
  • Fluorescence indicator
  • 20 × 20 cm size

HPLC scouting columns

  • Filled with FlashPure ID C18 and C18 WP silica
  • Sizes: 4.6 mm ID, 50 / 150 / 250 mm lengths

More technical information and item numbers available here


Easily find your cartridge with FlashPure Scout

  • Choose the cartridge that best fits your needs
  • Learn more about parameters to improve resolution
  • Get all technical details of your FlashPure cartridge for method optimization
  • Easily get all item numbers and a quote for selected cartridges

More information about our cartridge finder: flashpurescout.buchi.com

Product overview

PrepPure – Highest performance for prep applications

Choose Your PrepPure Stationary Phase

The successful separation of a target compound with prep HPLC requires a similar polarity of the target compound and the phase only when the sample is fully soluble in the starting eluent.

Why use C18 AQ?

Many polar compounds prefer highly aqueous mobile phases for solubility reasons and can be retained only with a minimal concentration of organic modifier. Standard C18 shows phase collapse and poor resolution resulting from these conditions. The polar end capping of C18 AQ allows phase stabilization and better retention of polar compounds in a highly aqueous environment. 

More technical information and item numbers available here:


GlasPure – Scale-up purification

Efficient filling of glass columns

A homogeneouly packed column is essential to obtaining a reliable and reproducible separation. GlasPure filling sets allow packing in a fast, safe and reproducible way. 

The dry filling set is ideal for filling glass columns with silica gel using compressed gas. Silica gel in the size range 25 – 200 µm can be packed with this method.

The slurry filling set is used for wet filling and conditioning of glass columns with silica gel particles smaller than 25 µm.

More technical information and item numbers available here:


Sample Loader – Convenient choices

Pure Sample Loops

  • Used for liquid loading
  • The liquid sample gets injected manually into a loop and from there it’s automatically transferred on the column
  • Available loop sizes: 2 mL, 5 mL, 10 mL

Pure Solid Loader

  • Used for external solid loading
  • Loader can be partially filled with the sample
  • Resistant up to 50 bar (725 psi)
  • Connected in front of the cartridge
  • Available loader sizes: 15 g, 40 g

FlashPure EcoFlex Silica Solid Loader

  • Used for internal solid loading 
  • Openable cartridge filled 85 % with Silica
  • Free space for solid sample 
  • Available loader sizes: 3.5 g, 10 g, 20 g, 35 g, 70 g, 100 g, 185 g, 280 g

FlashPure EcoFlex Empty Solid Loader

  • Used for external solid loading
  • Loader needs to be filled completely with the sample 
  • Connected in front of the cartridge
  • Available loader sizes: 12 g, 20 g, 40 g, 80 g, 120 g

Different sample loading techniques

Why add support material (e.g. silica)?

The crude sample gets absorbed on the silica which allows a better transfer and distribution of the eluted compounds. The sample is also kept in place and made stationary, which is important for work with substances such as oily extracts.

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