2020 Oct. 15

Green cosmetics development: from plant to product

From brilliant idea to green cosmetics that improve the well-being of the user. Discover all the steps you need to turn natural products into must-have cosmetics.
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Content of training

Explore all parts of the cosmetics development workflow, from ingredient discovery to formulation and quality control. Join Mr. Cyrille SANTERRE, an analytical chemist with years of experience in the cosmetics field, to learn how to incorporate more natural products and green methods into your development process. Topics covered include:

  • The process of obtaining a plant extract for use in cosmetics development
  • How to extract, purify and formulate cosmetics ingredients
  • Quality control of raw material, intermediates and final cosmetic products
  • Applying green chemistry in the cosmetics field

Plus, real-life examples from scientific literature and personal experiences

Learning targets
  • Phytochemistry for cosmetics applications
  • Equipment needed for analysis and control of cosmetics products
  • Supercritical fluids for cosmetics development
  • Extraction, purification, and formulation of cosmetics ingredients


2020 Oct. 15
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