Mini Spray Dryer B-290

Spray drying is a widely used technique for converting liquid into powder form, which is applicable in various fields such as the food industry. One such application of spray drying is the production of beer powder, which has numerous applications.

Beer powder is produced by spray drying a liquid beer solution. The process involves atomizing the beer solution into a fine mist, which is then dried using hot air to produce a powder form. The resulting powder is a free-flowing, stable product that has a long shelf life and is easy to store and transport.

Beer powder has many applications in the food industry, including in the production of baked goods, seasonings, and snack foods. Additionally, beer powder can be used as a flavoring agent in soups and sauces, as well as in the production of beer-based beverages.

Spray drying of beer also allows for the production of non-alcoholic beer powders, which can be used in the production of sports drinks and other beverages. Moreover, beer powder can also be used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

In summary, spray drying of beer is an innovative method of producing beer powder with numerous applications in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries.

Please see the application note for starting paramters, formulations and some results.

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