NIR-Online PA2

Технологический датчик для точного контроля данных, полученных с помощью БИК-спектроскопии

Внимательно следите за сложными химическими параметрами, чтобы исправить любые отклонения, возникающие во время производства. Используйте датчик NIR-Online PA2 для действительно непрерывного мониторинга процесса благодаря точным и надежным измерениям методом БИК-спектроскопии.

  • Diode array technology: Ultra fast speed spectrometer
  • IP class/ATEX: Dust & water jet protected (IP66), ATEX certification (dust)
  • NIR wavelength: Extended NIR wavelength range (1,100-2,200 nm)
NIR-Online PA2

Ease of use

Easily and intuitively operate the NIR-Online PA2 regardless of expertise level. Benefit from unprecedented access into the process thanks to visual monitoring of the sample chamber.

Ease of use

Extensive process expertise

The NIR-Online PA2 has been designed based on years of experience with cutting-edge NIR technology. The system offers a turn-key solution for demanding measuring points, for example discontinuous product flows in bucket elevators. Features, such as temperature controlled sensors ensure the reliability of your data. NIR-Online PA2 is also ingress protected (IP66) and ATEX certified against dust to extend the lifetime of your instrument and guarantee smooth operation. Benefit from continuous process monitoring immediately after purchasing NIR-Online PA2 thanks to straight-forward integration with your own process control systems.

Extensive process expertise

Fast payback

Quickly earn back your initial investment for the NIR-Online PA2 with an average payback period of less than 1 year. Benefit from maximal cost-efficiency thanks to immediate process corrections, reduced waste and need to repeat processing steps. Maximize your profit margins by quickly optimizing key parameters of your workflow. You no longer need to develop a wide range of calibrations yourself nor do you need to purchase calibration databases thanks to our patented AutoCal function.

Fast payback


  • Safely operate your NIR instrument in potentially exposive enviroments according to the ATEX directive for dust

    Flexibly install the equipment for immediate and personalized use of NIR-Online PA2

    Maximal safety thanks to ingress protection and fullfillment of sanitary requirements, with all materials in contact with the product at food grade quality

  • Highly reliable measurements thanks to cutting-edge NIR technology and instrument design 

    Use at product temperatures of up to 70°C 

    Combine with water chiller for product temperatures of up to 130°C 

    Operate NIR-Online X-One in environments up 55°C when used with air nozzle (voids ATEX). 

  • Maximal convenience during NIR measurement thanks to proprietary automated calibration and maintenance.

    Higher cost-efficiency, safety and speed of your process thanks to eliminating work with external agencies - keep valuable calibration data with you at all times

    User-friendly software - Simply enter the new reference value and confirm with one click.

    Use NIR-Online PA2 without the need to export/import, manually calibrate or be extensively trained in chemometrics.

    No in-house calibrations or expensive calibration data bases are necessary.

«Мы используем датчики NIR-Online для непрерывного контроля процесса в реальном времени: чем ближе мы приближаемся к максимальному разрешенному в сушеных продуктах содержанию влаги, тем эффективнее наше производство» Klaus Selck, Quality Control Manager - Schwarzwaldmilch GmbH Offenburg


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