Determination of Quality Parameters in Flour

ProxiMate NIR and NIRFlex N-500: Analysis of moisture, protein, wet gluten, dry gluten, and ash in Flour

Determination of Quality Parameters in Flour

The determination of quality parameters in wheat flour is a crucial task in the food industry. Not only to ensure product consistency and meet customer expectations but also to evaluate functional properties, such as dough strength, storage ability, or mineral content for further processing of the flour. 

As a multiparameter analysis method that is non-destructive and rapid without any sample prepration, NIR spectroscopy is a valuable tool for process and quality control in the milling industry. Pre-calibrated NIR applications can readily be applied to measure important quality features of Flour, such as moisture, protein, gluten, or ash. These parameters are important for evaluating the quality and optmizie flour usage in various food products. 

Find out more about calibration ranges and comparsion to reference values in this application note.