12 Mayo. 2020

Five major steps in drug discovery

Join Dr. Maizatul Omar from the Institute for Medical Research, Malaysia and Miss Cristina Del Plato from Sapienza University of Rome, Italy to learn about the process of drug discovery and development. Get a detailed overview of the methods needed to isolate novel pharmaceutical compounds.
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Miss Cristina Del Plato received her master’s degree in Pharmacy in 2018 at “Sapienza” University of Rome. Currently, she is a PhD student in Pharmaceutical Sciences at “Sapienza” University of Rome in the laboratory of Professor Bruno Botta. Her research is focused on synthesis of natural compounds and the evaluation of their role in anticancer therapies and synthesis of bioconjugate linkers for development of delivery systems.

Dr. Maizatul Hasyima Binti Omar is a researcher at the Instiute for Medical Research, Malaysia. Her areas of expertise include phytochemistry and herbal medicine. Her current research work is focused on the optimization and standardization of herbal extracts for product formulation using spray drying.

  • Extraction and synthesis
  • Concentration and evaporation
  • Purification with flash chromatography
  • Formulation with spray drying and microencapsulation
  • Molecule characterization with NMR and HPLC
12 Mayo. 2020
60 min
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