Glass Oven B-585

The universal equipment for your lab

The Glass Oven B-585 is the perfect universal equipment for your lab. If you need to distill, sublimate, freeze-dry or dry small samples, the BUCHI Glass Oven offers it all.

  • Available accessories : Drying, distillation, sublimation and freeze drying
  • Sample volume: 100 - 250 mL drying, 5 - 40 mL distillation
  • Temperature regulation range : 40 - 300 °C
Glass Oven B-585


You can count on the BUCHI Glass Oven B-585 for versatile applications. Its manifold capabilities include Sublimation, Freeze-Drying, Distillation, or Drying. The Glass Oven is your ideal choice of universal lab equipment for small sample sizes. It is adjustable to your needs with a broad range of accessories and options.


Efficient and gentle

Glass Oven B-585 is known for fast and energy-efficient heating and high yield due to gentle sample treatment.

Efficient and gentle

Ease of use

The Glass Oven B-585 is appreciated by users for its easy-to-use and intuitive simple operation and visual monitoring of the sample chamber.

Ease of use

Compare the Glass Oven B-585

  • B-585 Kugelrohr

    • : 5 – 40 mL
    • : -
    • : 0-50 rpm
    • : 40 – 300 °C
    • : 3
  • B-585 Drying

    • Drying volume : 100 – 250 mL
    • Adjustable angle : 0 – 90 °
    • Rotation speed : -
    • Temperature regulation range : 40 – 300 °C
    • Programmable gradient steps : 3


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Benefit from decades of expert knowledge

In 1957 BUCHI introduced the first commercial rotary evaporator. With the technological expertise and profound customer interaction, we further developed the Rotavapor® to an intelligent and fully integrated system. Our carefully conceived solutions meet the various needs whether you operate in R&D or quality control (QC) for a wide range of industries.
  • Chemical

    For every day’s application in QC and R&D laboratories: Concentration, Reflux reaction, Re-crystallization.

  • Environmental Analysis

    Required for sample preparation in order to monitor the environmental pollution: Soxhlet extraction, Concentration.

    Environmental Analysis
  • Academia / Education

    For a wide range of applications in academic education: Full range of evaporation applications.

    Academia / Education
  • Pharmaceutical

    For various applications in QC as well as for laboratory scale formulations in R&D departments: Distillation, Concentration, Drying.

  • Food / Beverage

    Used for QC in the food, beverage and industry as well as for the development of new ingredients and components: Distillation, Concentration, Drying.

    Food / Beverage
  • Feed

    Used for QC in the feed industry as well as for the development of new ingredients and components: Distillation, Concentration, Drying.