Mini Spray Dryer B-290

Amphotericin is an antifungal medication used to treat severe fungal infections. Spray drying has been investigated as a technique for the production of amphotericin powder, offering advantages such as improved stability, enhanced solubility, and controlled release.

The areas of focus in spray drying of amphotericin include optimizing the process parameters, such as the inlet and outlet temperatures, atomizer type, and feed rate, to achieve the desired particle size, morphology, and drug loading of the powder. Additionally, research has been conducted to evaluate the impact of different drying conditions and formulation additives on the physical and chemical properties of the powder, such as its crystallinity, dissolution rate, and bioactivity.

Furthermore, spray drying has been explored as a method for producing amphotericin-based formulations, such as liposomes or nanoparticles, for targeted drug delivery and improved therapeutic efficacy. These formulations can enhance the drug's stability, bioavailability, and minimize its side effects.

Overall, spray drying of amphotericin offers a promising approach for the production of stable and effective antifungal formulations, providing opportunities for enhanced treatment outcomes and patient care in the field of fungal infections.

Please see the application note for starting parameters, formulations and some results.

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